As a business leader, CEO, board member, VC, manager, business owner or employee of either gender, I pledge to work intentionally to advance gender equality in my place of work, to actively develop and promote women into positions of leadership, to speak out against bias, and to not tolerate sexual harassment, so that we can all work Better Together.

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Better Together Checklist

For men. For women. For companies.

Things You Can Do Now

Remove Bias Against Women in Recruiting

- Anonymize resumes of applicants so credentials can be viewed on a level playing field
- Dissolve recruiting bias against returning women who have gap years due to child or parental care
- Set specific hiring goals for gender
- Ensure interview loops include women


Encourage Women to Support Women

- Mentor and support other women in the workplace, regardless of own journey
- Curb competitiveness, look for common goals
- Set examples for other women


Adopt the ERA at Your Company

- Women shall have equal rights at THIS COMPANY and every place subject to its jurisdiction. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by THIS COMPANY or by any MANAGER on account of sex/gender.


Listen Louder and Support Women’s Communication

- Not mistake collaborative language for weakness
- Not overvalue hyper assertiveness as leadership
- Watch mansplaining
- Those leading meetings need to make sure that all the voices in the room are speaking up - and being heard


Fully Support Women’s Development

- Pay women equally as men for the same job
- Raise their visibility internally and externally
- Create ‘reverse mentoring’ opportunities with young members of female workforce
- Deliberately promote qualified but underrepresented women to management levels

Set the Right Example for the Next Generation

1. Support working mom at home
2. Break sons out of the “man box”
3. Showcase new heroes


Do Not Tolerate Sexual Harassment

- Be performance agnostic
- Draft explicit policies in employee handbook.
- Adopt clear definitions of harassment levels
- Hold trainings and model intolerance
- Call out “Bro Behavior”


Create a Family-Forward Work Culture

- No meetings during critical family times
- Give men same parental leave as women
- Create family-friendly, not bro-friendly work spaces


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