How to Make Money Online Using Amazon

The world’s largest retailer, Amazon, offers some pretty amazing ways to make money online.  Amazon is now worth over $602 billion dollars, so they have come a long way from their start as a small website selling books.  The marketplace for sellers has grown along with the company.  We are going to look at some obvious, and not so obvious ways to make money online using Amazon.

Make money Amazon

1.  Sell a product. Amazon has several different ways for small sellers to use their platform.  The first is the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon).  You ship your inventory to an Amazon warehouse and they ship it out to buyers.  There can be hefty fees associated with this service, so some smaller sellers opt to ship the products themselves.  Amazon has two selling plans.  There is an individual plan where you’re charged .99 cents per product sold.  The professional selling plan cost $39.99 per month.  If you are a high volume seller then the professional selling plan probably makes the most sense.  However, if you only sell a few products a month, then you probably want to stick to the individual plans.

There is no question you can make some serious money on Amazon as a seller, but it is not without its cons. To be successful you will need to do plenty of research.  There can be a lot of hidden fees, both from Amazon and from any vendors from whom you are purchasing the products you plan to sell.  Then factor in the selling plan cost and the cost of either FBA or private shipping, and it can be difficult to have much of a profit margin.  It can be done.

Thousands of sellers do it on the Amazon Marketplace.  However, it does require that you do a fair amount of research and number-crunching.  The large volume of potential customers can look very tempting, but don’t forget that there is also serious competition from other sellers.

2.  Amazon has customer service work-from-home jobs. Customer service representatives communicate with customers using phones and live chat to help solve issues and answer questions. These jobs tend to be seasonal, although there are some full-time remote customer service associates.  Often, on-site training is required before you can begin working from home.  Starting pay ranges from $10-$15 an hour with performance-based bonuses and incentives.

* A plus to consider is that you are considered an Amazon employee and not a contractor. This means you do not pay self-employment taxes on the money earned.  Another plus is that once you have received training, and you perform well, you can easily be hired for the next busy season.

3.  Become an Amazon affiliate. You can earn a commission by putting Amazon affiliate links to various products on your blog or website.  The general idea is that your site promotes products that align with your content.  If you have a blog about the advantages of organic gardening, you would promote products related to grdening. 

* The commissions are fairly low, so you need a large amount of traffic on your site.

*Amazon does offer a progressive earnings structure. So the more clicks and purchases originate from your site, the larger your commissions become. 

4.  Publish an eBook on Amazon. Amazon has revolutionized the concept of self-published authors and now makes it easier than ever to publish your own work.  Of course, you pay a significant portion of each sale to Amazon in exchange for their ease of publishing and marketing your eBook. 

* The quality is all over the place with self-published eBooks. Some are amazingly well-written and make it to the top of the Amazon charts.  Some have so many errors in consistency, grammar, and syntax that they are virtually impossible to read.  If you want to use this as a source of income and to pursue a passion to write, take the time to do it well.  If you can, hire a professional editor.  If that is beyond your budget, at least have several beta-readers willing to read the book and provide you with honest feedback and editing suggestions.

* Be proactive in marketing your book. Get the word out and get as many reviews as possible.  This helps make your book more visible and drives more sales.

5.  Explore Mechanical Turk, also known as Mturk. This is a great way to earn small amounts of money and doesn’t take any specialized skill.  You can also do it completely on your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like.  Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace.  The general concept is what Amazon calls “Human Intelligence Task.”  The jobs include surveys, categorizing, transcription and small bits of data entry.

* You will not make a lot of money unless you dedicate huge volumes of time.

* You will be competing against tens of thousands of others for the same small task, and many have found ways to “cheat” the system. They have developed algorithms and simple programs to grab the best jobs as soon as they are posted.

* However, it is easy, and if you are looking to make a little extra pocket change then this is a good option.

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