Making money on social media has become a fast-rising trend. It has long surpassed just having friends and family as followers, and occasionally posting a picture of your product and asking them to buy it. Social media trends change swiftly, and you have to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings if you hope to make real money on social media. Here are some of the ways people are using social media to make real income.

1. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money using social media. It is actually quite simple. You find a niche, a certain type of content that you talk exclusively about on your social media platform. Whether you are an expert at video gaming or biomedical engineering, you use the social media platform to post informative information about your niche. Gain as many followers as possible, preferably people who are interested in your niche topic. Once you have a significant number of followers, sign up for an affiliate program. Once accepted, you will continue to create posts about your niche topic and frequently reference whatever company you are affiliated with complete with links. Then the company pays you money for anything purchased from them directed from your social media account.

2. Market your skills on social media. The larger you’re following, the more likely that someone needs your particular talent or skills, or they know someone who does. Provide samples of what you can do, and invite your followers to share. Whether it is painting masterpieces of modern art, painting houses, interior design, or writing, someone needs you to do this for them. Frequently share samples of your work so that people can really get a feel for what it is you do and include details like how to contact you and how much you charge for your services.

3. Become a social media manager. Companies, organizations, and individuals with large followings frequently use social media to stay in touch with their customers, members and fans. Often these pages can receive anywhere from dozens to hundreds of messages and request each day. Social media managers take care of managing the page, responding to messages, answering questions and another request. An understanding of social media trends is critical to landing a role as a social media manager.

4. Become a brand ambassador. As with the above suggestions, you need a large base of followers. Find a brand that you are loyal to, or create your own. Talk about it in a fresh and engaging way. Showcase the product, ask your followers for feedback. Post photos and videos.
Most importantly, hold yourself to high professional standards when promoting the brand. You can either contact the brand yourself or use an influencer marketing agency to reach out to the brand. This is one of the hottest new trends on social media, and a lot of people are making money doing it. Whether it is your favorite brand of mascara or your favorite line of shoes, with enough dedication and enough followers, brands will pay you to be their ambassadors as long as they feel confident you will continue to represent their brand well.

5. Promote your coaching or consulting services. Personal trainers, life coaches, consultants from across various industries are all turning to social media to promote their services. Just like selling a product, you need to have samples to showcase what you can do. If you are a consultant for digital marketing, healthcare, or human resources start talking about it. Create visuals like short videos that showcase how engaging you are.

However you decide to approach making money on social media, remember that the landscape changes quickly. If you have amassed a large following, be on the lookout for different ways to keep your followers interested in you. If you entertain or inform them, then they will follow you and not just whatever product or brand you are promoting. That means if you have to shift your focus from affiliate marketing to promoting your own services, you’ll still have your large base of followers. Don’t become so involved in your own social media that you forget to look around at emerging trends. Your cutting edge way of making money with social media may be old-fashioned in a month. So, keep your approach fresh and remain watchful for changes in the industry. Change isn’t bad; it could be what lands you your next great opportunity to use social media to make money.